Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sidewalk Amenities

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Before coming to Europe, I had, of course, heard of the legendary sidewalk cafes of Paris. I love the openness of outdoor seating and the opportunity to at least pretend to be a Parisian for an afternoon. I was however, quite surprised by the plethora of other conveniences that can be found on Parisian sidewalks. There were places to park your bicycle as well as places to park your car. (As in rows of parking within the sidewalk- didn’t get a good picture though) Who knew how many of your needs could be met without ever leaving the sidewalk?!

Fully- automated bathrooms! Even the soap uses a sensor.

It's hard to miss this recyling bin.

Should you be driving around Paris in an electic car, no need to worry about finding a charging station.

Who needs gas stations, when there are pumps on the sidewalk?!

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