Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Camera Magic and London Flat-life

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Amanda and I spent a week in London with Hannah’s flatmates, John and Emma. They were fabulous hosts and let us tag along with them various places throughout the week. After a week of being tourists in Paris, it was wonderful to relax and just enjoy life in London. We took one day to do a guided bus tour of London, so we got to see the major stuff. (The tour guides are hilarious- it’s totally worth it!)

Also, John gave us directions to camera street (alright, that might not be its real name…) where we tried to get both of our broken cameras fixed. My camera still wasn’t charging, and Amanda’s camera had fallen on its lens, which was now stuck open and crooked. We found a camera repair shop on the off-chance that it might be an easy fix. No such luck for Amanda’s camera, but maybe a new battery would solve my camera problem…. We found a store that carried Samsung and explained the situation. The guy put my battery on the charger for a while, only to confirm that the battery had been fully charged the whole time. It must be an internal software issue, the guy says, I could probably send it back to Samsung. Clearly, this will not solve the immediate problem of not having a working camera! We walk up the street a ways and try a different store. Although I am fairly certain that they won’t be able to do anything either, I explain the situation again.

Enter: magic-camera-man. He listens to my story, then takes my battery out, and puts a different one in. He charges the other battery, and then turns on the camera! And it works! He then takes out the other battery and puts mine back in. It still works!!! Fully convinced that this man is magic, we give him Amanda’s camera to fix as well. He does manage to straighten out the lens somewhat, although not completely. But, we have a working camera again!

Change of guard at Buckingham Palace.

Westminister Flying Buttesses

Peace protesters at Parliament Square
Apparently they had been protesting since the beginning of the Iraq War, but were evicted a few weeks after I took this picture.

River Thames, Parliament, Big Ben, and the Eye.

We rode the Eye.

It's the real thing! (although nothing fancy)

The Tower Bridge

The Milenium Bridge: otherwise known as..... the Harry Potter Bridge!

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