Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back in the UK

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This time we made it to the train station in time, but the machine that took the tickets was broken which meant they wrote down everyone’s ticket number and we missed the train along with 35 other people. They put us all on the next train, but by the time we got into London, re-loaded Amanda’s oyster card, found our bus stop and got back to Hannah’s, everyone had left. When we left for Paris, we were in such a hurry, that we didn’t make the best plan for getting back. They were going to find us a spare key, but couldn’t find it…. One of Hannah’s roommates didn’t have to be to work until 10 or so… and a couple of David’s friends should still be there…

Except we got there at 10:08 to a locked door. Amanda looked around for a spare key, but we didn’t know if there even was one. Looking forward to a day to relax and do nothing, plus not wanting to carry all our stuff around, we decided to just hang out in case someone stopped in on their lunch break. No one came, and we did our best to keep ourselves entertained. We laid out a blanket and played a lot of crazy eights. Then Sudoku and solitaire. Then King’s corner. Then more crazy eights. We took turns walking up to Starbucks for food and bathroom breaks. We tried again to get Amanda’s blackberry to work with no luck. We looked for someone who was not wearing a suit or talking on their cell and asked to make a call. But Hannah didn’t answer. We began to recognize the people walking by and we were given the evil eye by quite a few of them. Eventually, we moved closer to the sidewalk and couldn’t help but look up one side of the street and down the other hoping to see John or Emma any minute. At one point Amanda set her camera on the ledge to take a picture of us… and the wind knocked it over, breaking her camera! :( After a couple more failed attempts to get a hold of someone, and the shops were beginning to close, it was certainly past time to get some more change for the phone booth and try again.

When I finally talked to Hannah, she told me the key was there, hidden for us. Literally hours and hours of waiting while the key was there the whole time!!!

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